Aug 10, 2014

Animal Love Weekend August 10, 2014

After sharing to try saving shelter dogs all week, this is a welcomed story. After being dropped off at the shelter twice, by her family, Lady will live the rest of her life in luxury *happy dance*

Speaking of the Ocean

Fossil Crinoids are real fossils from the sea. They're made up of marine animals and could contain those which are prehistoric. They look amazing as pendants when sanded, polished, and set in metal casings. Actually, they kind of remind me of souse I see at the grocery store. I wouldn't eat that stuff, but would wear these :)

Weekly Good Deed- Promoting Other Etsy Shops

This week's treasury:
Still dreaming of the beach...

Promote by sharing via facebook, twitter, pinterest, and visiting the link to like, go straight to each item, and heart some favorites. I personally like all of these items. Especially the drawer pulls. They match the new color theme I have started to convert my kitchen to. I need 20 of them!

Aug 4, 2014

Cherry Quartz

~ Cherry quartz brings new hope ~
It's an excellent balancing stone for a sad or weak heart.
An energy and powerful healing stone.
Are you drawn to it?

I am studying individual stone properties and am not an expert on how to use them. I'm simply drawn to their beauty; however, I do feel that God's creations can be used to benefit yourself and others in body, mind, and soul.


Dreaming of Fall

Today is Friendship Day..Happy Day to all my amazing friends!

Weekly treasury

I've wondered if Etsy picks the treasuries for their front page or if it's automated. I have seen some gorgeous curations that never show up on the front page. Its the users who do most of their advertising, and its hard work and time consuming to search, select, arrange, and perfect these.

Etsy advises users to make treasuries diverse, beautiful, and the only rule is to NOT enter your own item.

Jul 28, 2014

Recent Grooms

This has been a busy busy summer! 

Deuce in a lion cut