Jul 28, 2014

Bryce, My First Foster Dog

Meet Bryce! He is a Lab mix from Animal Control in Lancaster, SC. He's only a year old and has been through so much. He desperately needed foster care, so here he is, with me, until Sept.15 when he'll move on to New Hampshire with Mary's Dogs . I'm new at fostering- Bryce being my first attempt. It's working out wonderfully. My two dogs have accepted him which was my main concern. I would not be able to foster if I didn't have the option to let one be part of the family. I already know it will be a sad day when he is on his way, but I'm positive he will be in good hands. 

This photo is from his ride back from the vet last week. I'm unclear about his history, but I believe he was dumped out by his owner. He came down with parvo and spent a while at the vet getting well.  Look at his sweet face! 

He no longer has the bandage on. He's getting around like a champ and loving his foster mommy :)

He got a bath today and a scary blowdry. He calmed down quickly and gave me plenty of kisses as if he was thanking me. That tail just never stops wagging- he's so good natured.
I believe that was his very first grooming session-EVER- I won't give the dirty details, but he no
longer smells like an animal shelter.

He also house trained in only one day. It helps to have a doggy door which he figured out in one try.

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