Jul 20, 2014

Treasure Hunting Weekend, Catching Up Day

Spending the day promoting others and shooting new photos for my druzy listings at InfinitysMuse
using a huge crystal cluster I found a few months ago. 


This has been an amazing weekend! It always is when spending time with family and friends.
I took a four day weekend with sis being up, and we shopped till we literally dropped Friday. 
Saturday morning we went to Diamond Hill Mine in Antreville, SC and spent the day treasure
hunting. It's a dirty job but wow at the gorgeous crystals!

These are a few I found this past winter. I haven't found time yet to get these cleaned and 
can't wait to see the results. There is an amethyst point in my collection
that I almost threw back because these crystals are barely noticeable in their muddy casings.
These were just quickly hosed down to see what's there. They'll be soaked in oxalic acid soon
which will clean all the black and yellow off and show their true values.

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