Jul 6, 2014

Florida Trip

Ten beautiful days in Florida was exactly what I needed...

Venice Beach
Our vacation was at Clearwater Beach but we ventured on down to this beautiful beach
in Sarasota. It was breathtaking. Just a day trip to see it but oh how I
could have stayed there the entire time. I'll definitely be going back but
will fly next time. It was a 14 hour drive.

Anclote Key

Out in the ocean from Tarpon Springs- a little Greek town that produces most of the
sponges in the world. Anclote Key is a tiny island 3 miles out where there are 
tons of small shells and dolphins that follow the boat. Within 20 minutes of being out there
a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to board the boat and head back. You can see the rainbow
in one of the picture's background where the storm already hit. If you look hard I got a shot of
a mother and baby dolphin behind the boat.

Honeymoon Island

Little slice of paradise tucked away at the very end of the Dunedin Causeway. The island used to be for honeymooners and had 50 palm roofed bungalows built in 1939- all of that is gone now.
This island is now a state park. It has a pavilion and
Cafe Honeymoon-- huge yummy juicy burgers. Clearwater is in the distance.

Caladesi Island

All along the Dunedin Causeway before you get to Honeymoon Island. People fishing, kayaking, parasailing, partying, swimming, crabbing, etc.

Clearwater Beach

This place reminded me of Myrtle Beach. Its mostly teens and wall to wall stores and restaurants. Nonetheless, its still beautiful with white sand and crystal blue water. We're sitting at Frenchy's Rockaway Grill eating coconut shrimp :)  This was a weekday when it wasn't very packed. We went back the last day there(Sat) and the traffic was irritating, or maybe at that point, I was ready to 
get the drive back home over with the next day!

Piper and Baxter

~My niecedog and nephewdog~
They're Florida residents and get to see all this year round. 



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